Health & Wellness

Creating Healthier CommunitiesTM

Corporate Wellness

Healthier employee benefits

One of the main goals at BH Genetic Services is to create healthier communities. PGx testing is a good place to start. But that is just a start. To help employees become healthier we provide a suite of tools and resources including a Health Risk Assessment, online fitness, nutrition, incentive programs and education. These tools can be integrated and linked to the organization’s business strategy to help maintain an effective work environment.

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Health Coaching

Behavioral motivation, action, and results

For those people who need more structure and accountability in their wellness program, we offer a health and nurse coaching option. The program is designed to lower the cost for businesses by making the employees accountable for their lifestyle choices and rewards them for making decisions that lead to better health. This will, in turn, lead to lower premiums, a healthier workforce, and fewer claims for the employer.

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Your Personal BubbaDoc 24/7

Imagine the time employees sit in a doctor’s office, urgent care or ER waiting room for costly and unnecessary visits. Not only is there a time cost, but also an online consultation will cost less than a co-pay. Online consultations with our doctors typically cover about 70% of the reasons people see a doctor. Why not replace that with a telehealth option that saves time and money and is more convenient?

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Using the Collaborative Health Intelligence PlatformTM

Health Financial InsightsTM

An ROI for the employee population

One of the main objectives in using the Collaborative Health Intelligence PlatformTM (CHIPTM) is to determine the financial impact of providing PGx testing services to an employee population. CHIP analyzes the employee health data to determine not only the employees that would benefit from PGx testing but what the potential savings could be. This HIPPA compliant analysis is given to the employer in a Health Financial InsightsTM report prior to implementing PGx testing.

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Precision Medicine AssessmentTM (PMATM)

Determining the benefit pool

The Precision Medicine AssessmentTM is a HIPPA compliant part of the CHIP analysis that determines the employees that would benefit from a PGx test. An algorithm is run against the employee health data records that include pharma data. The resultant report provides the employer the benefit pool of employees that should be tested. Those employees on multiple medications are given a higher priority for testing.

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Big Data Analytics

Insights for driving savings

Big data analytics in healthcare is a relatively new and promising field for providing insights from the large data sets that exist in health data. According to the National Institutes of Health, by understanding and discovering patterns and trends, big data analytics has the potential to improve healthcare, save lives and reduce costs. Our Collaborative Health Intelligence PlatformTM is our first step in this promising field.

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Physicians, Hospitals, and Clinics

Efficient onboarding technology

Our platform allows for efficient onboarding of physicians, hospitals, and clinics. This means you can begin offering services to your patients in minimum time with little paperwork. The object is to allow all your patients the life-saving benefits our pharmacogenomics testing provides. Every element of the onboarding process, including registration and education, is automated for a seamless experience.

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Start the path to healthier employees

Any large company is faced with the same problem when offering bundled healthcare products and services: getting all the employees enrolled quickly and efficiently. Our process for the employer and their employees uses industry-leading technology to automate many of these onboarding tasks. This allows employers to start enjoying the cost-saving benefits our programs and services offer.

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Get into the game fast

The last thing brokers need is a cumbersome process prior to beginning selling a new suite of products and services to their clients. We offer an automated process to register, to become educated and certified within about an hour. This fast turnaround time will get brokers in front of their clients quickly to close deals and get paid fast.

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