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Benefits to Employers

BH Genetic Services represents the fastest growing clinical lab and healthcare services organization in the U.S. We offer diagnostic services in Cancer, Genomics, Toxicology, Pharmacogenomics and Health Technology Applications.

Our Core Competency is marketing to the employer vertical channel PGx and other Genomic testing services. Our team is established with years of experience, working with brokers, HR, and employer groups in the healthcare field.

We facilitate the following:

  • Generate and fulfill leads
  • Educate and train Employers, HR, Brokers, Consultants, Physicians, Hospitals, Carriers
  • Onboard and certify
  • Coordinate testing from lead source through testing and consult by physician with patient



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Eliminate Potential Risks & Side Effects from Pharmaceutical Medications

We are working to revolutionize the modern healthcare system.

We provide an array of tests that map out an individual's unique genetic makeup to identify medications that match their body's ability to effectively process the drugs. This genetic blueprint will help to:

  • Eliminate potential adverse drug reactions
  • Measure interactions between other drugs or treatments
  • Help prevent any negative side effects
DNA sample being pipetted into petri dish with DNA gel in background

Comprehensive Testing

Covered by Medicare & Most Insurances

The BH Genetic Services testing may be reimbursed by insurance, and the tests are already commonly used in the pain management, psychiatric, neurological, and cardiac diseases.

Application & Testing

A staff member will provide a basic assessment and perform a DNA swab test.

DNA Analysis

The sample will undergo pharmacogenetics analysis for a personalized report.

Personalized Results

After analysis, a full report and treatment recommendation will be delivered.

Match Genetic Results with FDA-Approved Drugs

We test patient genetics to see how they influence drug response - meaning we can help provide a more effective recommendation and dosage.

With hundreds of drugs included in the testing algorithm, BH Genetic Services provides access to one of the most comprehensive testing platforms currently being offered on the market today. We provide a simple, easy to read evidence-based report that matches FDA-approved drugs with the patient's corresponding reaction and genetic results.

Scientist uses modern technology for its research

Reduce Overall Medical Costs from Both Sides

By implementing the right testing, the average savings on prescription drug costs annually was more than $600 per person.

Several clinical studies have been conducted to demonstrate how pharmacogenetic testing reduces overall costs. For example, one study found that 53% of individuals on polypharmacy were on the wrong drug or dosage.

More importantly, our testing saves lives. Individuals that are prescribed a drug that can't be processed by their body may result in an adverse event. 85% of adverse drug events are caused by incorrect dosages and more than 6% of these cases result in hospitalizations.

Innovative, Evidence-Based Testing that Saves Lives